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Even though he is not one of the five main characters Stan , Kyle , Kenny , Cartman and Butters , he was a main character in season six and was the second replacement for Kenny after his "permanent" death. Tweek Tweak is a jittery 10 year old boy, addicted to caffeine. He seems to have very extreme hyperactivity caused by his ADD, as said by his parents in his first appearance; episode 17 of season 2. He is always seen shaking, twitching and looking around frantically. He constantly feels like he's "under pressure", and freaks out whenever he is asked to do even the simplest tasks and jumps or yells whenever someone comes up to him to talk to him. He tends to scream at the end of his sentences.

Craig x Tweek

Craig Tucker | Love Interest Wiki | Fandom

In the season 7 episode "South Park is Gay! Though the group was only acknowledged as one in the episodes "South Park Is Gay! Please visit their article on the South Park Archives for more information. Though the group has only appeared occasionally as an official unit in the show, the group is extremely popular in fan works, especially on websites like Tumblr and Archive of Our Own. This was initially due to the popularity of Creek , with Clyde and Token often acting as supporting characters. As the show continued and Clyde and Token were developed further as characters, the fandom by extension continued to develop them, and the group dynamic continued to evolve, resulting in a significant growth in popularity.


Creek is the romantic pairing of Craig Tucker and Tweek Tweak. Originally a wholly fan-created pairing, in existence for well over a decade and already fairly popular, it received renewed attention on October 24th, , when SouthParkStudios. The resulting episode " Tweek x Craig " essentially canonized the ship and provided a perspective from the shows' creators on the fandom's shipping culture. Craig and Tweek's first interaction in the series, shortly after both were introduced, was in the episode "Tweek vs. Craig", where the boys, motivated by a bet relating to the two "troublemakers" in the class, claimed to Tweek and Craig that each had insulted the other, and convinced them to fight in front of the entire school.
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